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KEYWORDS.dropped dev-lang/gnat-gcc/gnat-gcc. version 4.3.6: keyword sparc was dropped RedundantVersionWarning: version 4.4.3: slot. Gentoo is a trademark of.

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msp430-gdb is not currently maintained. There have historically been issues getting debug information from the compiler to the debugger correctly; currently https.There are now 14 current and one former developer in planned attendance, along with many from the Gentoo community.Random stuff for the gentoo lisp project: Gentoo Lisp Team <[email protected]>.Nvidia Tegra2 and Gentoo: Part Two (Running Gentoo!) Hi,. -SD/MMC slot: Both external. 14 Responses to “Nvidia Tegra2 and Gentoo: Part Two (Running.On Gentoo, use layman to add. gcc-python-plugin Documentation, Release 0.15. You can override this using gcc.set_location: gcc.set_location(loc).

In Gentoo I am able to install multiple version of GCC into "slots" and a utility called gcc-config lets me. Easy way of installing multiple version of GCC?.Я так понимаю, пакеты, связанные с systemd заблокированы потому, что у меня в системе.+files/clang-3.1-gentoo-runtime-gcc. Bernard Cafarelli <[email protected]> clang-3.7.0-r100.ebuild: fix slot on.> metadata.xml: sys-devel/{clang.There are 7 parts to this article: Part 1 – Gentoo on SPARC – Booting the Install CD Part 2 – Gentoo on SPARC – Creating the Filesystems Part 3 – Gentoo on.will give you a list of installed packages (with slots if necessary), sorted by installation date. e.g.:. Packages to rebuild after upgrading gcc on gentoo systems. 3.

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eselect [1] is one of important tool in Gentoo management, but for some reason, I often see newcomers posting their problem with this line: "You have.Inkscape-0.44 on Gentoo Linux. As it can take some time until the official ebuild has made it through rsync, here is it. Just save it into your overlay inkscape.在 Intel 的 D945GCLF2D Atom 330 上跑 運行 64位元 的 Gentoo Linux RAID / NAS. Gentoo Bug 270558 - sys-devel/gcc-4.5 in toolchain. Expected SLOT='4.

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First-person ego-shooter, built as a total conversion of Cube Engine 2.The OpenMP subproject of LLVM is intended to contain all of the components required to build an executing OpenMP program that are outside the compiler itself.Gentoo Cheat Sheet Stuff I'll have. to choose which SLOT of a package to use (among other things). gcc-config to choose which version of C++ compiler to use.

The contents of this document, unless otherwise expressly stated, are licensed under the.Emerge issue in Gentoo. Multiple package instances within a single package slot have been pulled !!! into the dependency graph,. Gentoo GCC failed emerge. 0.Perl in Gentoo: Upgrading pains, perl-cleaner, and. major Perl updates in Gentoo have traditionally. feature of subslots and slot operator.

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Enable Gentoo specific branding: bsf:. (gcc, glibc, binutils). Add support for PCMCIA slots/devices found on laptop computers.

[gentoo-commits] repo/gentoo:master commit in: sys-devel/gcc-config/ Andreas Hüttel Sat, 16 Dec 2017 16:24:39 -0800.Official Gentoo ebuild repository (formerly known as gentoo-x86 in CVS) Infrastructure team <[email protected]>.

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Eliminating old gcc-config 1.8, reinventing the new 1.8-r1 from gentoo. Will push this out once it`s proven stable enough.Expansion slots. There are only 3 16. Portage is the package manager used in Gentoo and we have to make sure that its configuration will invoke the GCC.

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Gentoo word cloud poster 2009-06-23. GCC GCC Gentoo Gentoo Gentoo Gentoo Gentoo Gentoo Gentoo Larry Layman Linux Linux make.conf make.conf OpenRC optimization.

crosstool-howto Crosstool is a set of scripts to build and test several versions of gcc and glibc for most architectures supported by. gentoo's gcc build scripts.Sub-slots The SLOT variable and slot dependencies may contain an optional sub-slot part that follows the regular. EAPI Cheat Sheet Gentoo PMS team Version 5.0.WARNING: THESE ARE MY PERSONAL NOTES ON MY FIRST EBUILD. THIS IS BY NO MEANS A USEFUL GUIDE OR ANYTHING SIMILAR TO ANYONE. RTFM I'll try to write an ebuild from.repo.eapi.deprecated dev-ada/asis-gcc. no change in 721 days for unstable keywords [ ~amd64, ~x86 ] RedundantVersionWarning: version 4.1.2: slot. Gentoo is a.Gentoo package sys-devel/gcc: The GNU Compiler Collection in the Gentoo Packages Database.Toggle navigation Simplicity is a form of art. Tags Gentoo / selinux / setools / slot. Category Gentoo Tags asan / gcc / Gentoo / grsecurity / hardened.

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